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Drama, adventure, and family struggles abound as three generations head west on the Oregon Trail.

The Memory Weaver

Love is more powerful than the fiercest tragedy.

A Light in the Wilderness

A Light in the Wilderness is a story of grace and courage in a time of trial. WILLA award winner.

Promises of Hope for Difficult Times

A caregiver’s journey.

The American Dream

Contains A Mother’s Cry from The Midwife’s Legacy

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A Land of Sheltered Promise (2005)

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She watches the eyes of the children. She looks at the shining faces of her parents. Here are friends and food and family in the shadow of purple hills. She’s never felt so safe or loved. It is not a feeling that will last. - From The Prologue


Plagued by loneliness on the Big Muddy Ranch, a sheepherder’s wife awaits the outcome of her husband’s trial for murder. He is sentenced to life in prison–and she to life without him. But a startling event could redeem their pasts and transform their future.



Against a backdrop of attempted murder, federal indictments, and the first case of bio-terrorism in the U.S., one woman seeks to rescue her granddaughter from within the elaborate compound of a cult that has claimed the land.




On the much-reviled, abandoned cult site, one woman’s skepticism turns to hope when she finds that what was meant to destroy can be used to rebuild–and in the process realizes a long-held dream.





Faith, Hope & Charity

For three women seekers united across time, a remote and rugged stretch of land in the Pacific Northwest proves to be a place where miracles really happen–and the gifts of faith, hope, and charity are as tangible as rocks, rivers, and earth.

Based on True Stories.



Praise for Jane Kirkpatrick's A Land of Sheltered Promise

"Jane Kirkpatrick, winner of the 1995 Wrangler Award, builds her latest novel around three generations of women whose lives are changed on a remote ranch in Oregon's high desert. The author's thorough knowledge of Oregon history and the setting provide a powerful backdrop.... Fans of Kirkpatrick's Christian series are sure to enjoy this latest addition inspired by actual events."

— The Denver Post

"Based on real people and events, A Land of Sheltered Promise explores the lives of three women in different eras who lived on the Big Muddy or the land which the Big Muddy occupied.... Each woman is finely drawn and realistic. Each has made serious misjudgments in her life, and each must transform herself into a better, wiser, stronger person. A story of inspiration and courage as only Kirkpatrick can write."

Roundup Magazine. Western Writers of America, August 2005 issue

"If you can read the first two pages of A Land of Sheltered Promise and not want to read the rest of it, it must be that you simply don't care for novels that speak directly to your soul.... A Land of Sheltered Promise is classic Kirkpatrick. That is, it is tightly written, honestly conceived and executed, deeply moving and exciting." 

—The Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon

 "Oregon author Jane Kirkpatrick has a unique talent of taking facts and converting them into believable fiction. Her latest book is an outstanding achievement of the historical novel. Although the novel wraps around three women, don't confuse this with a 'chick book.' It is an exciting story weaving fact with fiction, a technique in which Kirkpatrick excels."  --The News Review, Roseburg, Oregon

A Land of Sheltered Promise is historical Christian fiction at its best. The reader comes away with a clear vision of the land, of the people who occupied the land, and of a Supreme Being who ties it all together.”

The Historical Novels Review

"A story of inspiration and courage as only Kirkpatrick can write."

Roundup Magazine, Western Writers of America 

“Classic Kirkpatrick…tightly written, honestly conceived and executed, deeply moving and exciting.”

The Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon

"What does this Jewish reviewer derive from this and Kirkpatrick's previous novels? In people of all faiths or no apparent faith, growth begins with a desperate step in a new direction."

Harriet Rochlin, author of Pioneer Jews: A New Life in the Far West

Author's Insight

From a sheepherder's murder to an East Indian cult to a Young Life camp for kids. How could a landscape attract such extremes? How would the women face the challenges? 


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The evaluations were unanimous that you hit all the right notes and nourished the spirits of our conferees."
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