The Kindness of Friends and Strangers (Giveaway Announcement)

When we had our airplane accident 31 years ago, we discovered the kindness of strangers and friends. People we didn’t know brought food and stayed to help put in our irrigation system. The local barber drove down our reptile road to cut Jerry’s hair. We hadn’t asked: he volunteered. My parents changed their lives to come live with us for two months to take care of our healing bodies. Someone made the 50 miles round trip to bring dog food to our door. We couldn’t have healed and thrived beyond that without these many friends and strangers.
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One gift that I’ve never forgotten came from a local rancher, Keith Thompson, who was helping with the irrigation digging. Rattlesnakes patrolled the ditches. My parents had put Jerry and me out on the deck with three of our four legs wearing white casts resting on a bench before us, pink toes pointing skyward. My left arm had a Hoffman frame on it, holding the bones together. “How are you doing?” he asked wearing a big smile. “Terribly,” I said. “We don’t know these people working for us so hard. We’ll never be able to thank them all or pay them back.” I imagined writing thank you notes but I didn’t know half of the people out there working in the hot sun or inside preparing meals for dozens. I was embarrassed that we needed so much help. Our homestead adventure wasn’t meant to involve others in this way.  “Oh, Jane,” Keith said, “You miss the point. We love doing this, and you give to us when you let us. You’re right, you’ll never be able to pay us all back.” Someone shot a rattlesnake in the distance.  “The best you can hope to do is pass it on,” Keith said.

I’ve never forgotten his words and make every effort to pass that goodness on, even by letting others help us because receiving is a gift as well.

I’ve thought of these events often during the writing of All She Left Behind. Jennie Pickett Parrish had many challenges on her road toward becoming an early children’s and women’s physician in Portland in the 1880s. She had helpers along the way. Sometimes she didn’t recognize until years later how a person had touched her life; but then she also didn’t always realize that her acceptance of help was a gift to the giver. She passed these good deeds on, though. And that I believe made all the difference in her life. Generosity changes everything.

What about your journey? I’d love to hear how friends and strangers have helped you as you’ve reached for a long-held goal. It might be that hope of being a good mom or getting a book written or maybe being a doctor yourself one day. Maybe it’s managing the everyday struggle with a special needs child or caring for a spouse. Perhaps someone at work made your life a little easier with a thoughtful moment or even a longer lasting willingness to “be there” for you.
As part of the launch of All She Left Behind we are planning a giveaway of prizes related to giving to others with a nod to natural healing. Jennie was a natural healer before she studied to be a doctor.

Would you join in and tell us your story as described above? All you have to do is fill out the Google form HERE. It's super easy and you have all month!

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**I’m getting one of those for myself as we have dogs. And sometimes they leave a certain scent that can be eradicated with healing essential oils like peppermint, lavender and lemon.

Who's in?

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Jane, you know I love your books. So happy that a new one is out and available.