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A Light in the Wilderness

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Three women, three stories woven together. Based on a true story, imagined. Meet Letitia Carson, one of the first African-American women to cross the Oregon Trail with her common law husband, Davey Carson. Letitia has reason to bring a lawsuit in the Oregon Territory where persons of color were neither welcome nor treated with respect. Letitia meets Nancy Hawkins, a white woman who will face her own trials on this journey in the wilderness. And then there is Betsy, a Kalapuya woman, who must find a way to save her traditions while encountering these strangers who might one day, be friends. A Light in the Wilderness is a story of grace and courage in a time of trial. "Kirkpatrick is a master at using fiction to illuminate history's truths" wrote Publisher's Weekly. Order this trade paperback book now.

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Available 9/2/2014