Writing Classes on DVD

The Power of Historical Women

Jane speaks about the qualities of power and the historical women she has researched and written about. Those qualities are found in each of us today too. Enjoy this bookstore presentation with laughter and hope. Buy Now

The Beachside Writers Workshops Series

Beachside Writers was a weekend of inspiration. A time when you could take in a breath and discover more about who you are as a writer.Videos 1 to 4 are a collection of some of Jane's finest presentations at the annual workshop. They are available individually or as a collection. Click here to purchase the entire four video series.

Video 1: I Would if I could…But I Can’t

This is a session from Beachside Writers designed to encourage the reluctant writer to take the next step. Is it to write more powerful letters? Is it to begin that family story? Is it to discover through writing what your life is all about? Buy Now

Video 2: Nine Points to a Novel

Nine essential ingredients to a novel that will keep pages turning, bring meaning to a reader’s life and tell the stories of the human heart. Buy Now

Video 3: Writing and Editing Tips

Jane shares her own writing tips and those of several award-winning and best-selling authors hoping to help YOU find your path toward completing your writing goals. Buy Now

Video 4: Researching and writing your family story

Jane offers questions to ask before beginning that family story and provides creative comments to share with other family members saying “What? That never happened?” Discover yourself inside your family story. Buy Now


The Complete Beachside Writers Workshops Series


Purchase the entire series of 4 Buy Now




Writer's Recollections

Sometimes people can't attend a writing class. After I had taught four of them at Beachside Writers, we decided to make DVDs of them for people to purchase and hopefully advance their writing goals.