A Simple Gift of Comfort (2013)



Jane Kirkpatrick reaches out to touch readers everywhere, by befriending those who are wounded by the many heartaches of life. Here she writes gentle words of comfort, wisdom, and joy; words of endurance, inspiration, and faith. These pages hold tender stories, thoughtful meditations, and insightful Scriptures—readers will feel as if they’ve found a safe and quiet place to set their burdens down, listen to the words of a dear and trusted friend, and gain strength to resume the journey.
This book is tenderly written from the author’s heart to the reader’s heart. It is intimate and genuinely compassionate. The sweet design invites the reader to linger a while and allow the healing to begin. The weary of heart will truly embrace this book as A Simple Gift of Comfort.



Completed during a difficult time of personal loss and transition, the words in this book are meant to comfort anyone experiencing change and to support them through word pictures of natural images such as flowers and rivers, woven baskets and sand.


While my fiction and non-fiction have received awards, one of the greatest rewards for my writing is to know it has touched the lives of others. I truly hope A Simple Gift of Comfort will lift your day and make you want to pass the encouragement along. ~Jane

A Gift

When you don't know what to say, this book may say it for you. The prose pieces are drawn from reaching out to friends and acquaintances, neighbors and relatives in the course of everyday life. Sometimes I may not know what turmoil troubles a friend, colleague or neighbor; I only know I wish to share their burden. I can do it best by telling them that someone has noticed their distress and offer to walk beside them for as long as they'll allow.



Praise for Jane Kirkpatrick's A Simple Gift of Comfort

A small, powerful book that lets each reader know that we don't go through anything alone if we choose to share ourselves. Buy it."

—"Book Beat" column, LeCenter Leader, Minnesota


Publication History

Originally published in 2002, A Simple Gift of Comfort was republished in 2008 and most recently, Jane has self-published the popular book. Current edition includes photography by Jane's husband, Jerry. (2013)


Writer's Recollections

When my older sister was very ill and later passed away she said when going through a hard time you can't concentrate long enough to read an entire book.  Hence these short pieces meant to bring nurture.


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