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This Road We Traveled

Drama, adventure, and family struggles abound as three generations head west on the Oregon Trail.

The Memory Weaver

Love is more powerful than the fiercest tragedy.

A Light in the Wilderness

A Light in the Wilderness is a story of grace and courage in a time of trial. WILLA award winner.

Promises of Hope for Difficult Times

A caregiver’s journey.

The American Dream

Contains A Mother’s Cry from The Midwife’s Legacy

One Million Books in Print

Read about Jane's milestone of achieving One Million books in print.

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Robert Smith April 3, 2014
I really enjoyed your site. Robert Smith robertsmith155@aol.com
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Your email (optional) {will show on Guestbook page}: robertsmith155@aol.com
John Dunaway March 28, 2014
Thank you so much! I love your site!!!
How did you find jkbooks.com: a friend
Your Location (ie. city,state): Seattle
Your email (optional) {will show on Guestbook page}: Dunawaysurveying@outlook.com
Janice McCrimmon March 9, 2014
I just wanted you to know that i really enjoyed your Change and Cherish Historical Series. It was so well written. It also got my son and myself looking up the historical references which was fun! I also noticed that in your photo you have a blenheim Cavalier King Charles spaniel. How lovely! My daughter has two and I have a black and tan boy. God bless you and all you do!
How did you find jkbooks.com: author website
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Normi February 18, 2014
How did you find jkbooks.com: google
Your email (optional) {will show on Guestbook page}: Normi.Kayttaja@oulu.fi
Sydney DeWolf February 12, 2014

I felt the need to write to you about my thoughts on your books. Ron Kronen lent me the novels earlier this year so I could learn a little bit about the history of your family. Jonathan Puder is my boyfriend, the grandson of Corinne and Ron. I had such a wonderful time reading these books, knowing that had it not been for Jessie's courage, I would have not otherwise met such an amazing family and man! I truly admire your writing and wanted to thank you for providing me with the insights into your family history. I sincerely enjoyed the read.

Thank you again!
Sydney DeWolf
Your Location (ie. city,state): Minneapolis, MN
Your email (optional) {will show on Guestbook page}: sydneydewolf@gmail.com
Sybil February 7, 2014
Great books
How did you find jkbooks.com: Bing
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Carolyn February 3, 2014
Lovely site, Jane. "Homestead" is on hold at my local library, and I look forward to reading it. I'm Roger Cooke's sister, and have heard of you through Edna. I look forward to meeting you at the OCW seminar in May.
How did you find jkbooks.com: Google
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Wanda Bell January 19, 2014
I have read "Homestead" twice & just finished again on Kindle. Thanks so much for so many hours of good reading. I have read several of your novels also. Want to keep in touch w/your writings; I am now retired(Library Worker)
How did you find jkbooks.com: Worked in the library for 28 years
Your Location (ie. city,state): Castor, LA
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Kate Ladinig January 6, 2014
Could you please email me as Fishtrap and Ann Powers at Fishtrap would love to set up a special Jane Kirkpatrick time for you to come here! Her number is: 541-426-3623. Janie Tippett asked me to write to you. I am reading "Gathering of Finches". Hope the new year is treating you well and that your husband is well. Best, Kate Ladinig
How did you find jkbooks.com: Internet
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Tony November 6, 2013
Very nice site & guestbook. Nice colors & theme.
How did you find jkbooks.com: Google Search
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Cory reldumb September 28, 2013
I love it. I wish I was able to be here more.
How did you find jkbooks.com: Google
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Jane Kirkpatrick September 24, 2013
thanks so much for posting all of you! Someone asked for the name of a book about Antelope, Oregon that became a Young Life camp but she didn't leave her email address. The book was called A Land of Sheltered Promise. I hope Mary finds the answer here. Thanks for making room in your life for my stories! Jane
How did you find jkbooks.com: I wrote them
Your Location (ie. city,state): BEND
Your email (optional) {will show on Guestbook page}: Jane@jkbooks.com
Billie Hersh September 11, 2013
I jsut recently read Homestead and it gave me insight on how you relate to the characters you write about. I was fortunate enough to go to a book signing for A Daughters Walk in Rockford, WA. I have enjoyed a number of your books and count you my favorite author. I have become a quilter and it is a special time of sharing and creating.
How did you find jkbooks.com: Looked for Jane Kirkpatrack on Yahoo.
Your Location (ie. city,state): Spokane WA
Julia Ryden September 7, 2013
Reading All Together in one Place...
Thought I'd tell you that from about 1848 to 1855, my third great grandmother's brother was the ferryman at the Council Bluffs crossing of the Missouri.
How did you find jkbooks.com: search
Your Location (ie. city,state): Grants Pass, Oregon
Sue Robinson August 27, 2013
A dear friend of mine who also loves to read, told me about your books, of which I have not read but tomorrow I go to the library to find one! I really like your website, and especially your dog Boodacious Bo! I have lived in Oregon and Washington, born in Seattle many moons ago, so places you mention I have been to! I look forward to your newsletter as I signed up for that. I have always thought about writing, but am already an artist, so maybe some day the two could merge. I'm glad the Lord led me to your website!
How did you find jkbooks.com: web
Your Location (ie. city,state): Wenatchee, WA
John August 21, 2013
How did you find jkbooks.com: Web
Your Location (ie. city,state): Sweden
Tishanne Rains August 6, 2013
Thank you for writing "A gathering of Finches". You have a wonderful way of bringing characters and history to life.
How did you find jkbooks.com: Amazon.com author book search
Your Location (ie. city,state): Hoquiam,Wa
Gritty Savage August 5, 2013
Hey you have and awesome site here, please check mine out too, tell me what you think! Thanks!

https://www.youtube.com/imschoolinyou - Funny and Viral videos

https://www.youtube.com/yaboytyle - Best Music EVER
How did you find jkbooks.com: Google
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Dawnita July 17, 2013
I have recently began to rediscover Jane Kirkpatrick's books. Many years ago just after A Sweetness To The Soul came out I read it and loved it. After that I lost track of Jane's work and just in the last month have rediscovered her work. I had been thinking about the book A Sweetness To The Soul for a long time but couldn't remember the author's name or the book's name, just that it was about Sherar's bridge. As I was putting books back onto the shelves at the Redmond Library as a volunteer, I came across the book, it rang a bell, I read the back and I have rediscovered buried treasure. Jane's writing is so well done and her story telling captivating, it has made my month finding her books again.
How did you find jkbooks.com: Google
Your Location (ie. city,state): Redmond, OR
Christina Anderson July 12, 2013
I loved your book "Homestead". I just have a couple of questions. I notice you seem to refer a lot to the pioneers, but never to the land which they took from the Native Americans. I would strongly recommend Lucia St. Clair Robson's historical novels on the lives of various well-known Indians. She has thoroughly researched their lives and I, for one, feel that the white man treated the Indians very badly. Also, I am a cat person. I noticed that you frequently referred to "feeding the dogs" being with the dogs. Seldom did you mention the cats. You mentioned that the dogs "moved in and put the cats outside". But the winters where your homestead is are notoriously bitter. Did you make any provision for the poor cats out in the cold? One wonders why you folks even had cats since they seem so thoroughly overlooked in your lives. BTW, I love dogs too. Always have had dogs and cats together. My cats rule and my dogs have learned from them.
I admire your tenacity in establishing your homestead. My husband and I fenced our land in the canyon between Leadville and the Amax mine at 10,300 feet, drove up into the mountains to cut trees for the barn which we built, and endured four cold, dark years on that place. When we moved down the road fifty miles to Buena Vista I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. We had grass, trees, flowers. And no more fifty weeks of winter! Would like to read more of your books.
How did you find jkbooks.com: my church library where I am a volunteer librarian
Your Location (ie. city,state): Boulder, Colorado
Craig Patterson June 30, 2013
I would like to talk with you, if possible. I'm doing some research on the State hospital in Salem. I was a housing development specialist for the State in the early 1990's then a causality of measure 5. I would gladly call you at your convenience, or you could call me at 541 822-6207. My father also worked as a psychiatrist in state hospitals in California and other connections. I'm working on a article on the evolution 'mental health'.
Thanks for your time. Sincerely,
Craig Patterson
How did you find jkbooks.com: research on state hospital in Salem
Your Location (ie. city,state): McKenzie Bridge, Oregon - just over the mountain
Sheila June 26, 2013
Just read Spark Notes about Dean Brooks, reminded me of the 3 months I spent in nursing school at the state hospital, in the early 60s, He was superintendent during that time, always friendly, a real gentleman. I enjoyed helping you at the Lutheran church book signing, and have been a huge fan since your first books. Keep up the writings and best of wishes for your and Jerry's health.
Your Location (ie. city,state): Cottage grove
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"Jane, you were a wonderful presenter and writer’s friend at the recent Northwest Christian Writers Renewal.
The evaluations were unanimous that you hit all the right notes and nourished the spirits of our conferees."
Clint Kelly, Program Coordinator