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The Healing of Natalie Curtis

Released September 7, 2021. Order your autographed copy now!!

“I fell in love with Natalie’s story after reading about her several years ago in Lesley Polling-Kempes’ book “Ladies of the Canyon: A League of Extraordinary Women and Their Adventures in the American Southwest.”  Her story exemplifies the impact one person can have on others healing process, while also healing oneself.

Natalie’s experience as a classically trained musician and her losing her desire to perform struck me as a profound loss not unlike those many of us face today when life presents us with both a talent and a goal that eventually disappears for a variety of reasons.

The fact that she found her “voice” again through the landscapes and Indigenous people of the Southwest was such a hopeful story that I wanted to share her journey with a wide audience.

In some ways, this historical novel is a contemporary story about a woman finding her way that departs from family expectations; intertwined with discussions of cultural appropriation and the importance of the arts and stories of the American experience.

While researching and writing Natalie Curtis’ story I was transported back to my own story and the gift I received being a part of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon for 17 years. It was very interesting and insightful to see how another white woman a century before me found her way with the help of her Native friends.”

Jane Kirkpatrick

Eminent Oregonians

Mid October to November 2021 release date.

This book is a culmination of three different celebrated and famous Oregonians written by three different authors.

Jane’s contribution to the book will be centered on Abigal Scott Duniway, the lead character in her most recent book titled Something Worth Doing.


“An inspiring and moving account of three people who helped create modern Oregon. One was a pioneer who fought attempts to make Oregon a slave state. Another was a legendary female journalist and advocate for women’s rights. A third was a senator who overcame anti-Semitism and helped nurture modern environmentalism.

Oregon has a complicated history, sometimes a painful one, and this is history that is sometimes painful as well as inspiring. But it’s always riveting!” – Nicholas Kristof, Author, Pulitzer Prize winner, Human Rights Advocate

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“My characters are teaching life stories and if I’m listening, I’m learning from them and my life is being enriched. My hope is that readers discover that same path and might let those characters continue to live with them long after the last page.”Jane Kirkpatrick

“Kirkpatrick is a commanding innovator of the historical genre with her depth of research and lifelike characters.”—Booklist

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