Rule 1 – Say Yes

  • Say yes to that story idea.
  • Say yes to pitching at a conference.
  • Say Yes to finding 15 minutes a day to write.
  • Say yes to the value of your writing

Rule 2 – Say Yes and….

  • Say yes and make a commitment. Offer something to move your yes forward.
  • Say yes and read a craft related book.
  • Say yes and commit to having your manuscript finished by July 1.
  • Say yes and revise that scene until it sings.
  • Say yes to sending the manuscript out…

Rule 3 – Make a statement

There are many questions in the world.

Be brave and make statements that might just be answers

  • Change “Do you think this is a good idea?” to “This is a good idea.”
  • “This is worth the effort. I have something to say.
  • “This story is about….”
  • “I feel deeply about…”
  • “This is my purpose in writing this story…”

Rule 4 – There are no mistakes

  • Only opportunities to adjust, amend, explore further, find the new yes.
  • Perfect does not mean without errors, it means “complete.”

Adapted for life and/or Writing by Jane Kirkpatrick, 2018