Jane was interviewed by Carrie from Reading is My Super Power.org on November 14, 2020.

Carrie posted the interview on her website as a Author Q&A blog.

Here is a sample of one of the questions Carrie asked of Jane:

“What does your research process look like for one of your historical novels based on a true story / real person?

Jane: First, I read biographies and histories of the region, movements the person might have been involved in, and anything they might have written. I then looked at census material and then go to cemetery records to verify dates and names, etc. If I can find descendants, I interview them and listen to the family stories handed down from one generation to the next. What stories are remembered speaks to the heart of the characters and what they felt was important in their lives. If they wrote, I would then research what was happening to them and compare it to what was happening in their world. Abigail wrote many things including 20 novels and 1500 speeches many of which are on line. In addition, she wrote and edited a newspaper for 17 years. As I research, I’m looking for the core of the characters, what they cared about, what their passions were. And I look for what might have gotten in their way in achieving their goals.”

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