February 1, 2021

One More River to Cross earned the silver medallion in the Will Roger’s 2021 Competition.

The book was in the inspirational Western category.  Jane, her publisher (Revell) and her agent are delighted to learn of this fine award. They are doing the happy dog dance with Chica the dog that stole the story!

Our thanks to the Will Rogers organization and the judges who announced their decision on their website (visit here.)   The other winners are listed on the site and will make a great booklist for 2021!

The Will Rogers Medallion Award recognizes excellence in Western literature and media.

Will Rogers was a respected writer and cowboy entertainer whose work embodied and demonstrated the traditions and values of the American cowboy.  The Will Rogers Medallion Award was originally created to recognize quality works of cowboy poetry that honored the Will Rogers heritage, but has expanded to include other works of Western literature and film.

The quality of each entry is judged based on content and artistic presentation. All works must represent an accurate reflection of Western Americana, or cowboy and ranch life, historical or contemporary. Historical accuracy is crucial where applicable. Books are judged on their literary quality as well as cover art.